Radical Youth Ministry (RYM)

RYM is the Student & Young Adult Ministry at GACK. Our mission is to “re-present” God as “I Am.”
Students… you matter to God! At GACK, we believe God wants to radically transform your life through a relationship with His Son, Jesus. And we are gathering a community of students who are coming to know Jesus and serving the world for the glory of God.

RYM removes all traces of religion by showing young adults who God really is, not who the world says He is. If you are ready to RYM from just knowing “about” God, to a first-hand, personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, join us! RYM meets every last Tuesday nights of the month from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Whether you are married, single, in college, or just trying to figure it out, join us for live music, games, group discussions, and so much more! Are you ready to SHiFT?

For more information, e-mail youth@gackampala.org.